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Friday, March 24, 2006


When I was still pregnant with Alana, and would go in for an ultrasound, she would, more often then not, get the nickname "wiggles" while we were there. She turned one 45 minute scheduled ultrasound into an hour and a half thanks to her wiggling one time. That is where she initially got the nickname. Women would always comment that they never remembered their kids wiggling as much as mine when they were pregnant. Today, the comments I hear the most from people about Alana is that she is pretty, that she's got so much hair, that she is very alert, and that "my goodness, she wiggles a lot". And she does. She has never been a cuddler. Unless she is asleep, you can't even get her to put her head down on you. Sad, I know. Now, my question is, did I do something that made her this way? Or is it just some part of her genetic personality that was going to happen no matter what? I like it when babies cuddle, so maybe next time, if there is anything I can do differently.... Even when she first wakes up-she's wiggling. Sometimes I'm afraid people who've never held her before won't expect it, and she'll end up falling. It's so funny, because even though I still swaddle her, and she sleeps in one of those sleep positioners she still usually ends up horizontal at the bottom of her crib in the morning. She even wiggles in her sleep! Speaking of sleeping, she is now going through what I hope is a phase, and fighting me when I try to put her down for naps or for the night, and usually I have to put her down four or five times before she actually stays down. I was already thinking that it may be time to put her on rice cereal because my milk supply can't keep up with her now that I'm back at work, but the sleep thing is kind of pushing me over the edge. They say 4-6 months. She's 4 months now. So, I guess the question is, why would you wait until 6 months? Is it just because of the mess? Does something happen? Can it affect their health or anything? I just don't know, so I'm asking so I can make an informed decision. Anyways, again, I need to go to bed.. The only time I get the chance to post seems to be before I go to bed, and after she does on the weekends. Here's a picture "wiggles" sleeping, and one of her playing.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The funny things we do...

I came to a realization today about just how funny parents will act to appease their children. For instance; our condo is an older building, and the upstairs is full of old creaky boards. Since both our room and Alana's room are upstairs, you have to avoid stepping on the creaky boards in order to not wake Alana. This requires what I like to call "the hallway dance". A tiptoe here, a twirl here, and a little hop at the end is what you have to do to get out of her room and down the hallway without waking her with a loud creak after you've put her down. You must do this again if you have to pass her room again at any given point in time at night. I realized what I was doing with this routine the other night and it struck me as funny how anyone looking in would think my little dance ridiculous. Or, how, when in public, such as at the grocery store, your child is getting restless, so you break into her favorite song to keep her entertained. No matter how many people look at you funny you just keep on singing, just so she'll smile. Not one to sing in public myself, this can be really embarrassing. But, you do it, for her. What is it about having kids that suddenly makes this all acceptable? And, what's with all the high pitched voices whenever one talks to an infant? I just think it's interesting how much people can act like complete idiots around kids and not even realize their doing it, until one day of enlightenment, like I just had, and then, still not even care..Anyways I have to go to bed, but here's another picture of the baby that makes me act silly, and one of her and her daddy being silly together.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I'm back

So, now that I've got some recovery sleep after going back to work, I'm getting back into my routines. Alana is catching on well, and slept through the night almost every night this week. It was refreshing considering last week was so hard. With the way she was sleeping, combined with going back to work, it felt like that first month again. But now she's got it figured out, and I feel like I might actually be able to handle this. My house is suffering though. I'm still making dinner every night, but not necessarily doing the dishes every night. So, I've had the nasty pile a couple times this week. And my laundry is out of control. I used to do a load every day. Now it's piling up. I just really don't have the time during the week. I literally get home, make dinner, eat, feed her, give her a bath, put her to bed, shower, and go to bed myself. Sometimes I don't even have time for the bathing part. I just don't know how to fit it in. So this weekend is going to be devoted to cleaning house. I wish that wasn't the case so I could relax a little, but maybe when I get the routine going I'll have more time for maintenance cleaning. My sister got me a bumper sticker that says: ""You don't work "full time" 'til your a Mom."" It's really true. Now that I'm doing both I have to multitask in everything pretty much all day long. Even now I'm holding Alana and typing at the same time. It helps that she's almost sitting now. The weird thing is that I really don't mind that things seem so out of control. She's so worth every minute of it, I feel blessed. My family is such a big help. Not that I find the woman a role model at all, but Hillary Clinton's "It takes a village" saying makes more sense to me now. Anyways, I'm rambling now, and I need to get started on that afore mentioned housework. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm surviving. And work is going well, I can tell they missed me, and appreciate me, so that helps, even though I would rather be with my baby. Here are some cute new pics of Miss Alana Jo. Even though I usually don't like outfits with "ears" I think she pulls it off well. Don't you?