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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sorry, I know it's been forver!

Since it's been so long I'll just give you a brief overview of what's been going on for the last month and a half. The holidays were good, the weather has been horrible, I think that a least one person in the family has been sick or had some sort of ailment since then, and I started a new stitching project! Here is the finished product. My mom knew how much I liked the "P" and "W" that Von stitched, so she got me an "R" for Christmas. I'm not very happy with the colors, but it's okay- I think it'll look good in our bedroom, if my mom can help me, maybe I'll make it into a throw pillow. I'm making another one right now for Max's dad- it's his 60th birthday- and those colors are perfect. I'll post a picture of that when I'm done!


Blogger Von said...

Oh, I like the colors, Amy! I think it'll look smashing as a pillow. :D

8:41 PM  

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